Monday, February 23, 2015

Linux distro hopping.

I've done a lot of disto hopping since I started using Linux and have decided most are at least usable. Ubuntu and Mint along with the various derivatives are likely the easiest for beginners. They are available with the most popular Desktop Environments (DE) and some of more obscure ones. Fedora, Debian and many others are also good choices. Arch Linux is very popular with some of the more experienced users but takes more time and know how to set up. Arch Linux does have some of the best documentation out there. So if you have some experience and like to read and experiment I highly recommend Arch.

What am I currently using? Well, I like to have 3 or more partitions on a hard drive so I can have several available at any time. If I screw something up or want to try something new I can do that without disabling the machine. Always have something to fall back on. Also, I have a separate data partition for all my documents, music, etc. which is available to any operating system I happen to be using. I keep a backup of the data partition on a separate drive for safe keeping.

Oh, back to the above question. I am currently using KDE neon on both computers.

Also playing with the Raspberry pi with Raspbian OS, a version of Debian that runs on very small, low powered ARM devices. More on that later.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Arch Linux on old laptop.

Couple weeks ago I decided to try Arch Linux on an extra partition of my old
laptop. The HDD on this computer has a /data partition and 2 OS partitions. The
OS I use mostly on this rig is Lubuntu. Lubuntu uses the LXDE desktop which
functions well and uses less resources than most. Decided to try Arch on the
other partition.

The page has the install image with links to detailed
instruction for installation. This installs the base system where you can
configure the system and install your choice of desktops and or window manager
and add any desired applications.

In this case LXDE was the logical choice for this under powered old laptop. The
Arch User Repository (AUR) also has Razor-qt which is currently under
development but is quite usable. I couldn't resist installing it. It works
great! Works fine with kate and a few other KDE Apps I can't do without.

My previous experience with Arch over 3 years ago was less successful. This time
I am quite happy. A couple little items to iron out when I get around to it but
so far the system is quite stable. Next step I may decide to try it on my
desktop computer.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Kubuntu OS is the best.

Seems a good time to write about the OS (Operating System) I use on this computer. Kubuntu, a Linux distribution using KDE (K Desktop Environment).  #Free downloads available.

What do I like about Kubuntu? It does everything I want it to do with my computer. It's easy to install, it supports my hardware out of the box, can be installed alongside other OSs, it just works, no driver disks to mess with, includes virtual desktops (I get confused if there too many windows running at once) ,and best of all a huge repository of software available for download. And it's all free as in freedom and free beer. Admittedly I sometimes need help. for that we have an active and very friendly forum.

Some stuff I like to do with Kubuntu:
  • The usual surf the web and email.
  • Listen to music and watch video.
  • Create and edit music and video.
  • Website creation.
  • Software development, OK, I'm not a programmer, just like to play.
  • Photo editing.
  • Play games.
  • Educational stuff like tide predictor and star charts.
 That reminds me. Am working on some how-tos for some of these activities. Will eventually post these.

Happy computing.

Monday, March 26, 2012

How much degradation should we except in our body?

At age 65 I can expect some bodily degeneration and loss of mobility and functionality. But I wonder how much is too much and can some of this be reversed or forestalled.

About 5 years ago at around age 60 I was taking a shower one night when I noticed it was getting more difficult to reach my feet to wash them one at a time while standing in the shower. Also, just bending over to tie my shoes was getting uncomfortable. At first I dismissed this as a normal part of getting old. But after thinking about it a while I said, "NO! BullShit! This sucks and I won't have it!!

 So, I started to practice lifting my foot up higher while standing in the shower to improve at least that bit of mobility. It worked. When I related the experience to a friend she said "Wow! You can balance on one foot in the shower? That's not easy!"
With this bit of encouragement I gradually began to improve other things also. I stopped drinking beer (more or less) to reduce the beer belly that made it uncomfortable to tie my shoes. Rats! The beer belly didn't want to go away. Eventually my wife discovered the Paleo diet which I decided to try just to keep peace in the family and guess what? The beer belly started to fade away. I have sense found that what I had called a beer belly was actually wheat belly. Or gluten belly.
The most amazing thing is that now I am finding other symptoms are starting to fade also. Joint pains, Acid reflux, Pollen allergy, Head ache, Depression, Irregularity, Over weight. These are some of the things Cathy and I are leaving behind as we get older simply by changing our diet. No drugs.

What is this "Paleo diet"? We now eat more vegetables and fruits than anything along with meats, fish, poultry, eggs, and nuts. Conspicuously absent from this diet now is grains, legumes, and most dairy. What? no breads you say? OK that was not easy at first but now it is just part of a more healthy life style. Some of our friends and neighbors think we are nuts doing this but we are very happy to leave behind all the drugs and pain meds that we were on before.

Good health to you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wow! I almost forgot about this old BLOG. When I did find it again I couldn't access the control panel anymore. After messing with it for a while I finally got in and reconnected with current gmail account. Good idea to write down passwords and all login info in such a way to actually remember it and get in.

Now I have 2 BLOGs to neglect. COME ON KEN! GET IT TOGETHER! Really want to start telling the world some of the stuff rattling around the old grey matter. For example. This world is really screwed up, in many ways. I live in Oregon, USA. We certainly have our share of problems here but from what I've seen in person and in the news no other place is any better. The whole USA is run by a rather corrupt government. However, not much more corrupt than any other nation I suspect.

Will get to the details later.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Weight loss

Feb. 27, 2006
That over-hang seems to be getting worse. My 36 inch pants have long gotten too tight. Now the 38s are too tight. DAMN!
Well, someone at the office decided we should have a weight loss challenge. So I signed up for $15 and weighed in at 189.2 pounds. The one who looses the largest percentage of weight will win a cash prize. Maybe a little challenge is all I need. I am not really over weight (6'2", 189 lb, male), but am just out of proportion. I look like an olive with a tooth pick stuck thru it. Thin every where except my fat stupid belly. We shall see.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Stock and Commodity Speculation

I am considering investing in stocks and or commodity futures. The first step is to try it on paper. Meaning buying and selling on paper only (no real money involved). This is a good way to practice a trading plan without actually risking real money. I think I may be able to make a profit in this stuff but should do it on paper first.